Make money on Facebook

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How to create money using Facebook? It is simple and anyone can practice.

Make money on Facebook
Easy way anyone can start now

Rough flow
  1. Register in Make earning applications on your iPhone or Android phone, or your computer.
  2. Promote and solicit your personal page on Facebook.
detailed explanation -Only 10 steps-
  1. Increase the number of followers to the maximum of 5000 in advance.
  2. For followers, “people who are interested in increasing money” is preferable.
  3. Post on your timeline, write it on your friend’s timeline.
  4. Send a direct message using Facebook messenger.
  5. It is necessary to reply to write timeline, such as birthday and event beforehand, to indicate that you are interested.
  6. Keep it in a situation that is easy to acquire, “like” and “share”.
    (To do that, you should “like” and “share” it with your friends’ timeline postings as usual.)
  7. If you have a blog or website, you can embed the link / share you want to appeal as below.
  8. For example…
    Use embedded function
  9. Also spread Facebook links on Twitter and Linkedin.
  10. At the same time, introduce your personal page to all around the classmate, friends, family, lover, neighbors, workplace people and so on.
  11. Repeat steps 1 to 9.
How to introduce to “WhatsApp users”?

To introduce to WhatApp users and gain their own benefits, you need to switch from WhatsApp to wowapp.In order to let WhatsApp users switch to wowapp and make money, we must demonstrate the superiority of wowapp over WhatsApp.

  1. First of all, make money. It is important to teach that it is a free messenger application that can earn money.
  2. Tell the story that the call is free, the quality of the call and video chat are also high quality.
  3. Tell them that there are no spam.
  4. There are 8 stages of introduction fee system and tell them that there are only 2 million users yet.
  5. The most important thing is to tell, “Before wowapp gets prevalent, you have to register and increase the number of introducers!”
  6. It is still better to tell that the group chat function is also very good.
    (wowapp can join group chat at once up to 258 people)
  7. Likewise, the same explanation can be given to FacebookMessenger users, Skype users, WeChat users, Weibo users, LINE users, and so on.